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  1. Terminology (offer, affiliate, network etc.)

This section will educate the user about the common performance marketing terms like offer, affiliate, network and an advertiser.  The goal is to clarify the role of the various players and events in the performance marketing ecosystem.  

  • Offer: An offer is generally a digital or physical product or service offering and the associated terms and conditions that are presented to a user with a clear call to action.  The call to action may be to fill out a form, make a phone call or download an app or a digital product.  An offer is put together by an advertiser and distributed across multiple partner publishing networks.  Each time, the call to action for an offer is completed, it is generally called a conversion, which triggers the payment by the advertiser. 

  • Campaign: A campaign is a collection of similar offers which together form a targeted ad strategy.

  • Advertiser: An advertiser is a company that wants to acquire customers in exchange for a set fee.  An advertiser works with a variety of publishers and networks that convert users on behalf of the advertiser.  Publishers and networks get compensated only after actions are completed by customers, such as if a purchase is made, a game is downloaded, or a lead form is completed.
  • Network: Networks are intermediary companies between advertisers and publishers. Networks employ a technology platform like Everflow that enables a real-time brokerage that connect advertisers and publishers.  Networks are responsible for enforcing legal, content, creative and other relevant guidelines on behalf of the advertisers, while delivering quality leads in sufficient volume 

  • Publishers/Affiliates: Publishers, or affiliates as they are commonly known in performance advertising, own or have access to websites and apps that bring large numbers of unique users to bear.  Publishers will work with advertising networks that bring a advertising budgets that are spent to market various offers to the publisher's userbase. 

  • User: A user refers to a unique end-user on the internet or mobile that engages with publishers apps and interacts with advertisements placed on those apps and websites. 

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