For accounts that have the privilege to add new accounts, a new account can be added by clicking on the “Add New Account” button on the top right of the page under Network>>Accounts. This is shown in the slideshow below. There is also a text tutorial featured beneath the slideshow.

To add a new account select&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>Network</b></i> and then&nbsp;c</span>lick <span><i><b> Accounts&nbsp;</b></i>under the drop down menu</span>

Click <span class="component"><i><b> Add Account </b></i></span>

Type&nbsp;<b><i>First/Last Name</i></b>

Select&nbsp;<b><i>Status</i></b><i></i>, we chose <b><i>Active</i></b>

Select&nbsp;<b><i>Role,</i></b><i></i> this determines the position associated with the account

Fill out contact information and&nbsp;<b><i>Timezone</i></b>

Click <span class=""><i><b> Add</b></i> when finished<i><b></b></i></span>

That's it. You're done.&nbsp;


  • To add an account, click Network>>Accounts>>Add Account

Adding the Account

  • The following information is necessary:
    • First/Last Name
    • Status
    • Role
    • Work Phone
    • Email
    • Timezone
  • Status will give you four choices: Active, Inactive, Pending, or Suspended
  • Active means the user can access the account’s full capability, Inactive means that the account exists but cannot be accessed, Pending means it requires approval, and Suspended means the user does not have the ability to use the account
  • The following is optional:
    • Advertiser Manager
    • Affiliate Manager
    • Title
    • Instant Messaging
    • Picture
    • Internal Notes
  • Select Add when finished