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Add New Affiliate

To add a new affiliate to the system, follow the steps below. There is a slideshow and a text tutorial featured below.

To add an affiliate, first click&nbsp;<b><i>Affiliates&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and select&nbsp;<b><i>Add&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>from the drop down menu

<b><i>Name</i></b><i></i> the affiliate

Select an&nbsp;<b><i>Account Manager</i></b>

You can add labels if you like, but they are optional<span class="component"><i><b></b></i></span>

Select a&nbsp;<b><i>Status,</i></b><i></i> we chose&nbsp;<b><i>Active</i></b>

You can also add other optional preferences like <b><i>Traffic Source, Enabling Fraud Checks, </i></b><i></i>and adding&nbsp;<b><i>Internal Notes.</i></b>&nbsp;<b><i></i></b><i></i>Click<span class=""><i><b>&nbsp;Add</b></i> when finished.<i><b></b></i></span>

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Visibility</b></i></span>

<b><i>Visibility</i></b><i></i> allows you to view Offer Status (Active or Pending), Offer Visibility (Private, Public, or Require Approval), and Can Run Offer (Yes or No).

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Users</b></i></span>

Under&nbsp;<b><i>Users,</i></b><i></i> you can see who is associated with the affiliate.&nbsp;

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Add User </b></i></span>

Fill out the&nbsp;<b><i>Name, Status, Email,&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and&nbsp;<b><i>Timezone.</i></b><i></i> All other boxes are optional.&nbsp;

Click <span class=""><i><b> Add&nbsp;</b></i>when finished</span>

Here is the information of the new user that has just been added. To see the list of users, click&nbsp;<b><i>Users</i></b>

Click <span class=""><i><b> Users</b></i> again<i><b></b></i></span>

John Doe (the user we just added) is the only user listed on this Affiliate. Go to the next tab by clicking&nbsp;<b><i>Postbacks</i></b>

<b><i>Postbacks&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>shows you the list of&nbsp;<b><i>Conversion&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and&nbsp;<b><i>Post Conversion&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>events.

<b><i>Pending&nbsp;</i></b><i></i><b><i>Requests</i></b><i></i> shows you which requests are pending. There are none in this affiliate.

Under&nbsp;<b><i>API Keys&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>you can check the&nbsp;<b><i>Status&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>of a key, along with who created it and when it was created

Under&nbsp;<b><i>API IPs,</i></b><i></i> one can control who is able to call the API. When this section is empty, all IPs are allowed to call the API.

That's it. You're done.


  • To add a new affiliate, click Affiliates>>Add

Information Needed

  • First, Name the affiliate
  • Designate an Account Manager
  • Select a Status (Active/Inactive/Pending)
  • The following are optional:
    • Labels
    • Traffic Source
    • Fraud Checks
    • Internal Notes
  • Click Add to create the affiliate
  • Information regarding the other sections can be found in the Manage Affiliates tutorial

To Add a User

  • Click the section titled Users
  • Click Add User
  • First type in a First/Last Name
  • Select a Status (Active/Inactive/Pending)
  • Title, Phone Numbers, and Instant Messaging are all optional
  • Type an Email
  • Select a Timezone
  • Click Add

To Add an API Key

  • Click the section API Keys
  • Click Add API Key
  • Confirm that you want to create a new API Key

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