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Adding New Publishers/Affiliates

There are two ways to create a new publisher/affiliate:

  1. You can add them in manually
  2. You can have them sign up through your affiliate sign up page

1) Manually Adding Affiliates

  • To add a new affiliate, click Affiliates > Add

Put in the following details:

  • Name - Name of the Affiliate
  • Designate an Account Manager
  • Designate an Account Executive (select N/A is you don't want to add this)
  • Select a Status (Active/Inactive/Pending)
  • The following are optional:
    • Labels
    • Traffic Source - to learn more about this feature: click here
    • Internal Notes
  • Click Enable Address to Disable this section, or complete the affiliate's Address information
  • Under Billing, if you're planning to handle payments outside the platform:
    • Billing Frequency - Manual
    • Payment Method - None
  • Click the bottom right Save button to create the affiliate account

Add Users for the new Affiliate account:

Next you will need to add an affiliate user in order to give them access to their affiliate account.

  • Click the section titled Users

  • Click Add User
  • Add their First/Last Name
  • Select their Status (Active/Inactive/Pending)
  • Add their Email
  • Select their Language
  • Select a Timezone
  • Add Currency

You can also select to send the user their password manually or automatically via email:

  • Click Add

2) Adding affiliates via Sign Up page

Please click here to view an article about how to do this.

Please click here to see how to customize the sign up page.

Please note: If you add your own T&Cs to the sign up page - it will automatically replace of the Everflow Platform T&Cs.

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