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Affiliate Traffic Blocking

Click <b><i>Affiliates&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and select<span class=""><i><b>&nbsp;Traffic Blocking</b></i> from the drop down menu</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Edit</b></i> on the control menu</span>

Here, you can edit the settings of the traffic block such as&nbsp;<b><i>Affiliate, Status,&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and&nbsp;<b><i>Offer</i></b><i></i>. You can also add&nbsp;<b><i>Sub ID Filters.</i></b><i></i> Click&nbsp;<b><i>Save&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>when finished.

Click <span class="component"><i><b> Add Traffic Blocking </b></i></span>

Here, you can create a traffic block. First, select an <b><i>Affiliate</i></b><i></i>. We chose<span class=""><i><b>&nbsp;(19) Quick Start Affiliate </b></i></span>

Select a <b><i>Status,&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>we chose<span class=""><i><b>&nbsp;Active </b></i></span>

Select an&nbsp;<b><i>Offer</i></b><i></i>, we chose&nbsp;<span><i><b>(40) Adjust Test </b></i></span>

Click <span class=""><i><b> sub1</b></i>. Here, you can add parameters</span>

Select&nbsp;<b><i>Match Types&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>and&nbsp;<b><i>Value.</i></b>

Click&nbsp;<b><i>Add&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>when finished

That's it. You're done.


  • Affiliate traffic blocking should be used when an affiliate is blocked from sending a specific traffic value in the sub1-5 spot in their tracking link.
  • To view traffic blocks, select Affiliates > Traffic Blocking

Add Traffic Block

  • To add a traffic block, click Block New Source located near the top right of the list

  • They require you to fill in this information
    • Affiliate
    • Status
    • Offer
    • Sub IDs

Here are the different match types

  • Click Add when finished

Edit Traffic Block

  • To edit a traffic block, simply select the three dots to the right of the block you want to edit

  • You will be navigated to a page that allows you to change the following information
    • Affiliate
    • Status
    • Offer
    • Sub IDs
  • Click Save when finished

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