## Added

- Self-Serve Advertiser Interface:  Advertisers can log in and view their offers, reports and manage company details. 

- Granular role and permission management for employee accounts. Found under Network>>Roles

- HTML creatives: Full support for HTML creatives including hosting and serving via the Everflow CDN

- New Alert templates: Includes Approaching Cap, Object creation and many more. Found under Network>>Alerts

- Report Adjustment capability: Granularly adjust all reporting metrics and view adjustment log.  Found under Affiliates>>Report Adjustments

- Virtual Account Login: Support for a network admin or account manager to virtually log into affiliate or advertiser accounts. 

- Improved Search Engine: Support for additional network resources including transaction id search that returns full click and conversion details per ID. 

- Enhanced Reporting UI:  Improved usability for entity report settings section.

- Invalid Clicks Detail: Access to detailed breakdown of invalid clicks distribution in the entity reports.  Note that “invalid click” column should be selected in settings. 

- Dimensional Report Metrics: Support for two concurrent metrics in the Dimensional Report. 

- API Access Control: Manage Access control for affiliate API via IP whitelisting. 

- Delete confirmation: Added a confirmation box for all delete actions in the application. 

## Fixed

- Fixed an issue where percentage values were not displayed correctly in the application

- Fixed an issue with the search feature of the offer and affiliate drop downs in the tracking link card