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v2.0 Release Notes (17/03/17)

Campaign Management

 - Deliver a single link to publishing partners, while preserving the ability to route traffic on the network side. 

 - Split test multiple offers based on priority-based or weight based schemes.

 - Apply additional filters (platform, geo etc.) to parse traffic across multiple offers in a campaign.


- Contextual comparators for all statistics and pacing charts; today vs yesterday or today vs same day of last week. 

- Customizable offer and affiliate widgets.  Users can select their own reporting columns.  

Offer Management

- Revamped targeting UI.

- Granularly include and exclude rules. 

- Support OS version range setting. 

- UI refresh on the selected rules viewer

- Added support for mobile carrier, connection type and day parting

- Enhanced Fail traffic management:  Ability to target on mobile carrier/connection type

- Support cookie based / fingerprinting conversion scheme. 

Custom Affiliate Settings

- Support for custom payout and revenue types

Reporting adjustment

- Inline reporting stats


- Report on sub id 1 thru 5 in standard reports and the Dimensional report


- Free form labels that can be managed in-line

- Ability for administrators to update password for affiliate and advertiser accounts. 

- Self management of categories.  Networks can extend categories to fit their needs. 

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with authentication where the user had to log twice or wasn't able to log at all

- Activation email format, should be displayed correctly to all platforms

- Issue with the view offer page in Firefox

- Issue with invalid clicks modal view in entity report where it wasn't accounting the report filters in places

- Dimensional report, initial sort now applied

- Date range picker: show shortcuts at top

Team Everflow!

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