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V2.1 Release Notes (24/05/17)


- Scrub Rate Management: Apply scrub rate at the offer level and also support for custom scrub rate at the affiliate and sub id level.  Found under Offer Detail view. 

- Custom payout/revenue at the affiliate and Sub ID level. Targeting filters also supported as a condition.  Available under Offer Detail view

- Support for iFrame and Javascript conversion pixels.

- Traffic Filtering based on request parameters.  Apply wildcard based conditions to intelligently direct traffic or block it.  Available under Offer>>Targeting>>Traffic Filtering

- Fail traffic can now be configured using all targeting rules supported in the system


- Email notifications for affiliates when their offer application is approved or rejected

- Test postback, ability to use an affiliate test tracking link

- Reporting Adjustments can now be applied across multiple dates at the same time and can also be edited or deleted. 

- Traffic source Management: Allows creation of traffic source templates for tracking links and post backs for all media sources (affiliates, publishers)  

- Dynamic query parameters in click URL supported in affiliate postbacks. 


- Daily Report

- Campaign Report: Breakout campaign data in a separate report 

- Nested reporting in Entity reports (Offer, Affiliate and Advertiser reports). Show top affiliates under each offer and vice versa. 

- Hyperlinked entity names (offer, affiliate etc.) to go to a drill down report with a single click. 

- Conversion report:  Ability to update the status of a conversion or the associated payout / revenue

- Click report:  Additional flexibility around filters and support up to 5000 clicks at a time

- Transaction ID added as a filter in the click and conversion reports

- Flow View: A visual flowchart view that allows you to visualize the associative lifecycle of a click, conversion and postback.  Found in the controls menu on the right hand side of each row in the click, conversion and postback reports.

- Customization of reports: Columns selection preferences will be stored for each user by the platform

- Unique click column added. 


- Ability to restrict an affiliate manager to only see his affiliates

- Live chat on the top right hand side of the network view. 

- Investigator tool: Allows you to search raw data for events registered using sub ids, IP and much more

- Search: Helpdesk data now searchable directly from the network search bar. 

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where two advertisers pixel coming in at the same time could result into two conversions, even though the offer is set to reject duplicate conversion

- Fixed an issue with HTML pixels where they weren't displayed inline in the browser but fired via a backend mechanism. That was preventing the publishers to use the browser cookies

- Fixed an issue where some users couldn't preview the HTML associated to a creative

- Fixed an issue where the identification number associated to an offer / affiliate / advertiser were not searchable in a drop down

- Bunch of optimizations / fixes for Safari / Firefox

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