Feature Adds: 

- Affiliate Portal Reports : Ability to only report based on unique clicks

- Deliver creatives in bulk to affiliates via email.

- Unique click definition: New mechanism to identify unique clicks either via IP or IP+User agent 

- 24metrics Integration available.  

- Reporting : Duplicate clicks now reported in a separate column.  

- Traffic Source templates compatible with campaign links 

- Conversion report: Simple flow to filter on events / conversions 

- Additional Events: Apply scrub rate and manual approval for public events.  

- New attribution tab inside the offer details 

- No more activation code in the signup

Bug Fixes: 

- Investigation:  fixed issue where the system was failing to load the list of existing investigations

- Reporting adjustments : fixed caching issues that sometimes resulted in incorrect snapshots

- Entity Report:  Made raw events are viewable similar to conversion report.

- Reporting: fixed an issue where timezone setting wasn't applied properly