To test an affiliate postback, first navigate to the Postback Menu by going to the dashboard and clicking Affiliates > Postbacks. Here, you can test pixel postbacks or HTML postbacks.

You can test an affiliate postback by clicking the control menu (three dots at the end of each postback) and selecting "Test". We chose to start with  Once you select "Test", the system will then ask you if you want to test the postback using a test link by the affiliate. If you select yes (which is featured below), you will be asked to enter the test link provided by the affiliate. This can be found by navigating to the test link of your affiliate by clicking Affiliates > Manage. Once you get to that page you can select an affiliate, and the page of supplemental information will allow you to create a tracking link. Click next when finished.

By clicking next, you are testing the affiliate postback. The following page will show you the results. This notes that the test was a success, and shows relevant information such as the Transaction ID, Redirect URL, and Payload. 

If you were to select "No" when asked if you want to test the postback using a test link from the affiliate, you will be asked to select an offer (or search for one) and add a source ID and sub IDs if necessary. Click next when finished.

The following page will show you the results of the test. As you can see it was a success, and supplemental information such as Transaction ID, Redirect URL, Payload, and Debug Information are featured as well.