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v2.1.3 Release Notes (07/24/17)

## Added

- New concept of offer URL, allowing you to run multiple landing pages via the same offer and report on those URLs

- Hourly Report: hourly breakdown with one row per hour.

- Flex Report: Available under Analytics menu.  This allows you to build a custom report using any of the 28 columns we support

- Impersonate Affiliate: Ability for affiliate managers to impersonate affiliate accounts.

- Customizable Affiliate signup Page: Ability to publish an affiliate sign-up page with custom text and logo.

- Enhanced e-Commerce capabilities: support for gross sales, order id and coupon code in the conversion structure

- Dedicated conversion domains: Across the board support for dedicated conversion domains.  Provides you a detailed breakdown of all the incoming advertiser postbacks, which can be viewed under Reporting > Advertiser Postback

- Event-specific affiliate post backs:  Ability to setup affiliate postback for a specific additional events for a conversion.

- Ability to configure your advertiser conversion postback using your click tracking domain

- Clickless conversion support.  Coupon codes will be added very soon.

- Enhanced reporting adjustment tools: Auto-calculate revenue/payout numbers

- Export service for reporting data: API based export service to deliver reporting data in your inbox.

- Custom Payout/revenue settings can be applied to all affiliates in one click.  Also support source ID in this section.

- Enhanced mobile support for the user interface.

- Delete Creatives: A creative can now be set as deleted to make it unavailable in the Affiliate UI.

- Improved indexing and display of search results

- Invalid click distribution: You can get a preview of the raw clicks by clicking on the specific entry in the bar chart

- Openmail integration

## Fixed

- Fixed an issue where the dates in reporting weren't being displayed based on the browser timezone instead of reporting timezone

- Allow user to resize the text box when editing an HTML creative or HTML postback

- In the offer/affiliate/advertiser report, fixed an issue where the nested values were not correcly ordered

- Fixed some issues with the customization of the reporting columns

- Fixed an issue with the regular expression that validated a destination URL.

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