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Approving Affiliates via the Public Affiliate Sign Up

The link to the public affiliate sign up is on the everflow login page below Create New Account. Click Affiliate Signup.

You will be routed to a page that asks for information of the affiliate: Name, Email, Company, Address, and a section that asks for the methods used for advertising.

Once you have filled out all relevant criteria and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, click Submit Application.

You will get a confirmation page that looks like the one below.

To approve the affiliate, you must navigate to the list of pending affiliates by selecting Affiliates>>Manage>>Pending. Click on the name of the affiliate to approve it.

Here is the information of the potential affiliate along with the ability to approve or reject it.

If approved, the affiliate will be moved from the Pending to Existing list of affiliates, and its status will change from Pending to Active.

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