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Pending Affiliate Requests

The pending requests section is found under the Affiliates menu and is used to view and act upon affiliates requests to run offers that require explicit approval. This tutorial will run through the basics of creating the affiliate request and approving it. The first step is to navigate to the list of affiliates by clicking Affiliates>>Manage.

Click on an offer. We chose to click everflow (29).

Here is the information on the offer. To proceed, click on the Users section. Here is the list of users. To create a request you must be or impersonate one of the users.

Once you have been navigated to the dashboard, select Offers>>Browse, and a list of offers will pop up. What is most important is the last column that says Requires Approval. This indicates whether or not the offers have been approved yet. Those that are Public have been approved, those that say Apply have not.

You can also submit a request by clicking onto the control menu and selecting Request Approval. It does the same thing as clicking Apply.

Now the offer is pending, which means that the application has been sent in but it has yet to be approved. The first step towards approving/rejecting this offer is to stop impersonating.

After you stop impersonating the affiliate user you will automatically be taken back to the general information page on the affiliate. To view the pending request, click on the Pending Requests section.

Here is a list of Pending Requests. As you can see, there is currently only one. 

To Approve or Reject this request, you must select it by marking the box checked and click the Apply to selected drop down. It will ask you to either Approve or Reject the request.

You will get a notification at the bottom if the response to the request was successful.

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