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Affiliate Interface: Getting Started

Below is an in depth tutorial of the affiliate user interface. *Clicking on the images will enlarge them*


The dashboard is a quick overview of activities and you can quickly find information about your account and the helpdesk. 


This page allows you to see which offers you are approved to run and some basic information about them. 

For more information on the visibility column and how to be approved for offers click here


This page will give you an overview of your postbacks and let you drill down and set them up and edit them. 


This page will let you view your notifications. 


Under this tab you can see a few different reporting tabs. To find out more about each please click the links below

The offers you are running and their key metrics. Click here

The offer report broken down by Sub IDs. Click here

A report broken down by day. Click here

A report of clicks and their click IDs. Click here

A report of conversions and their click IDs. Click here

A report of postbacks and postback firing success or failure. Click here


This tab will let you see your account information and change your password. 

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