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Affiliate / Partner Portal: Getting Started

Below is a walkthrough of the Affiliate / Partner Portal. For articles/webinars on specific questions about the portal, click here. 


Search Bar: You can search for any ID or name and choose to click on the search results to take you directly to the page or report. This includes transaction ids. 

Account Manager: The contact information of your Account Manager.

Question Mark Icon: Quick links to commonly used articles available in the HelpDesk such as Release Notes, as well as the Terms & Conditions of the Network. 

Person Icon: Name and email associated with your User account. 


Recent Notifications: Displays updates about offers in which you are approved or the offer is public. Read more about managing your notifications here.

Pending Resources: The amount of offer's that you have applied to run. When the number is clicked it opens the Offer screen with only Pending offers displayed.

Tracking LInks: Quick access to creating tracking links for any offer you are approved for or is public. 

Offers (Overview):

For more information on the visibility column and how to be approved for offers click here

Show/Hide Filters: Allows you to filter offers based on Category, Countries, Platforms, Payout Types, and Channels. 

Columns: You can customize what columns are displayed in the Offer view. 

Pull Down (Default set to Show All): Filters by the Visibility column. 

Offer Visibility: Click here for more information.

Generate Tracking Links: This button will pull all tracking links for all offers into one screen, as well as give you the option to export. See image below:

Offers (Detail):

ln the Offer Overview, click on the dot tower at the end of the row. Here you will see options for quick links to reporting, postbacks and the details of the offer. See image below:

Once you click into the offer you can see the General Information tab and Tracking Links tab. The image below is of the General tab. To find out more about how to pull Tracking Links please click here.


Smart Links

A Smart Link is a single tracking link that redirects the click to an offer based on rules, targeting and/or KPIs. There are multiple offers attached to each Smart Link. These are created and made accessible by the Network. Below is an image of the Smart Links Detail page. You can see the offers and rules associated with each Smart Link. Tracking Links are pulled the same way as Offers. 


Click here to read the article on the specifics of how to place a postback/pixel. 

Conversion: Here is where you will see an overview of your base conversion postbacks/pixels. When adding new postbacks/pixels you can select if it should be for a specific offer or global. If a global and specific postback/pixel is set, both (all) will fire. 

Events: This is where you will place your postback/pixels for event conversions. Please note that not all offers will have events.


Not all networks will show Invoices. Please ask your account manager to confirm. 

Pull Down (Default set to Unpaid): Here you can update the overview of invoices to include Paid and Deleted. 


You can see an overview of all notifications from the start of your account. Read more about managing your notifications here.


Under Reporting, there are multiple options for specific types of reports and ways to manage these reports. 

Referrals: Not all portal will display this option. This report shows how much extra income you have made via your partner/affiliate referrals. This report only displays after the entire month has been completed. 

Saved & Scheduled: Edit/Delete saved and scheduled Reports.

The first 8 reports have the following options in common and display top-level data:

1) Apply Specific Time Frame: Select the timeframe in which you would like to run the report. The report will automatically run for the timeframe of Today. 

2)Filter: Allows you to add filters such as offer name, to the report. 

3)Save: Save this report to be used again in the future. The save will include all filters, settings and metrics. 

4) Schedule: Schedule this report to be sent to you via email on a recurring timeframe.

5) Load: Select a saved report to quickly load. 

6) Settings: Select the reports timezone and currency. 

7) Copy Link to Report: This will copy the link to your clipboard for quick sharing of reports. 


These reports give you more flexibility to see in-depth metrics and data. Please note that the articles suggested below are shown from the perspective of the Network. The functionality is the same in both the Network and Affiliate/Partner UI. 

Dimensional: This report can be compared to a pivot table in Excel. It allows you to filter and view multiple metrics and data points in one view and hone in on a specific data point.  Click here for a more in-depth article. 

Flex: Here you can choose which columns to include in a report and choose which order they are displayed. Click here for a more in-depth article.

Dynamic Nested: You can select the top and second level of data displayed. For example, see image below:


My Account: This section allows you to update information about yourself/company. Please note this is where you can update your timezone, currency, and password. Affiliate Referral Link is not available in all accounts. To find out more about the Networks referral program, reach out to your account manager. 

Setting: Here is where you update your billing details and address to be used on invoices. 

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