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v2.1.6 Release Notes (11/08/17)

Features Added

  • Bulk Creative upload: Support uploading archives for creatives. 
  • Flexible naming scheme: Ability to set custom naming scheme in the UI.  i.e. Affiliate can be called “Publisher”.
  • Smart Link(Campaign) enhancement 1: Ability to route traffic to multiple destination URLs of the same offer. 
  • Smart Link(Campaign) enhancement 2: Ability to apply targeting rules at the campaign level when routing traffic to multiple offers. 
  • Configurable summary statistic cards in the Dashboard.  Allows you to focus on your desired metrics.
  • Individual IP targeting (inclusion/exclusion) per offer. 
  • Offer targeting, ability to include/exclude a single IP
  • Placeholder to capture the advertiser contact address; found under the “general” section int he advertiser detail. 
  • Advertiser Link Templates: Allows you to define a destination URL template for an Advertiser, which will be pre-filled during offer creation. 
  • Added backend reporting pagination for reporting adjustments
  • Support direct integration with Ezepo for email unsubscribe management (https://ezepo.com)
  • Integrated with Forensiq (https://forensiq.com)
  • New MTTI alert type, allowing network to closely monitor click to install delta per affiliate / offer
  • Enhanced custom payout delivery via the affiliate API

Issues Fixed

  • Make sure expired offers are automatically set as inactive
  • Fixed an issue where an affiliate wasn't able to add a post conversion postback for a specific event
  • Fixed some alignment issues with the offer / affiliate reports
  • Fixed an issue where the timestamp under click details was using the wrong timezone

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