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v2.2 Release Notes (21/12/17)

Features Added

  • Scheduled actions:  Allows you to pre-program changes (payout, revenue, visibility, caps) globally at the offer level or specifically for one or multiple affiliates
  • Notifications: Allows you to deliver alerts to your affiliates as well as internal employees.
  • Alert System Overhaul: Added the ability to select all affiliates or all offers and email delivery to employees or external recipients
  • Schedule saved reports: A saved report can now be scheduled (daily, weekly or monthly) to your convenience and sent to external recipients or internal employees.
  • View device identifiers at the top level of the conversion report. The identifiers are also part of the CSV/JSON when performing an export
  • Dashboard Refactoring: Refactored the dashboard to make room for the notification card as well as a new card to show pending resources (conversions, affiliates and applications)
  • Support for a conversion "timestamp" macro with the advertiser postback, allowing networks to get accurate values in the MTTI report
  • Support labels as a column/filter in the offer, affiliate and advertiser sections
  • Allow networks to update a sale amount associated to a conversion
  • Advertisers API: Advertisers can now connect to the  platform via the API
  • Ability to import multiple creatives using an archive file
  • Switched from Maxmind to Digital Element for our geolocation detection for greater accuracy of City/DMA level targeting.

Issues Fixed

  • Implemented backend pagination for various sections of the UI as it was sometimes hanging when displaying too many elements
  • Fixed an issue where Total CV and Scrub numbers were not clickable in the reports
  • Fixed a bug where copying an offer requiring approval would carry the list of affiliates, although they had to apply again
  • Adjusted the logic at the conversion level to make sure a conversion couldn't be attributed to the wrong offer if the click offer and conversion pixel oid parameter aren't matching
  • Bunch of minor adjustments with the UI layout

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