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Setting up Custom Payout & Revenue

The following guide will help you set up custom payouts for an affiliate, and it will explain how this payout can be triggered based on traffic and geo targeting rules. 

Step #1

In the menu, click on Offers and then Manage. Search for your offer and then click on the name.

Step #2

When viewing the offer details, click on the Custom Settings tab.

Step #3

Click on the Add button of the Custom Payout & Revenue card

Step #4

After you've given the setting a name, you can now control the affiliate(s) that will be assigned a custom payout. Either you assign it to all affiliates (i.e you have a custom payout for a specific city) or you choose specific affiliate(s). 

The custom setting status can be switch from active or inactive. This could be useful if you quickly need to revert your changes without deleting the entry.

Finally, you also have the ability to set an expiration date, just click on checkbox next to Effective Date and a date selector will be available.

Step #5

On top of selecting the affiliates, you have the option of settings rules for incoming Sub IDs and Source ID. We support the following tracking link parameters: sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5 and source_id. The match types available are: begins with, contains, ends with, exact match and is present. The "is present" option would trigger as soon as the specific parameter is set in the tracking link URL, notwithstanding the value. 

Step #6

Next stop is Targeting, this is where you can set specific rules based on platform, country, region, city, day parting, etc. Similar to the sub id filters, this section is optional. This is pretty useful for a situation where the advertiser is giving you different payout based on country/region as it allows you to regroup all the payouts under one offer. 

Pro tip - Note that these settings won't have any impact on the offer targeting rules. If you have an offer that targets United States and you provide a custom payout for Germany, this custom payout will never be enforced. The payout targeting rules need to be a subset of the offer targeting rules.

*IMPORTANT* if you want to just override an affiliate's payout for the whole offer do NOT set anything in the targeting section. This literally just applies the payout or revenue to a specific targeting only. 

Step #7

Final step is where you setup the payout and revenue. The available payout types are CPA, CPS, CPC, CPA + CPS and Percentage of Revenue. The available revenue types are RPA, RPC, RPS, and RPA+RPS. Please refer to this article for more details on the payout methods.

Once you are done just click on the Add button at the bottom right of your screen.


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