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Setting up Affiliate Custom Caps

The following guide will help you to set up custom caps for an affiliate and explain how this payout can be triggered based on traffic and geotargeting rules. 

Step 1

In the menu, click on Offers > Manage. Search for your offer and then click on the name.

Step 2

When viewing the offer details, click on the Custom Settings tab

Step 3

Click on the Add button of the Custom Caps card

Step 4

After you've selected the affiliate and the offer, you'll be asked to configure which cap types and frequency should be enforced. Once you are done, click on the "Add" button at the bottom right of your screen.

*Pro tip* - Note that with custom caps in place, the system will always work off of the first cap hit. e.g. If there is a network cap of 1000 daily conversions, and a custom affiliate cap of 600 daily conversions, if the network cap is hit before the affiliate has run 600 conversions, the affiliate clicks will go to invalid regardless of whether they have run 600 conversions. If the affiliate reaches their 600 conversion cap, there may still be 400 remaining of the network total, but the affiliate's continued traffic will be sent to invalid.

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