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Setting up Affiliate Custom Caps

The following guide will help you setting up custom caps for an affiliate and explain how this payout can be triggered based on traffic and geotargeting rules. 

Step #1

In the menu, click on Offers and then Manage. Search for your offer and then click on the name

Step #2

When viewing the offer details, click on the Custom Settings tab

Step #3

Click on the Add button of the Custom Caps card

Step #4

After you selected the affiliate, you can configure which caps will be specifically enforced for this affiliate. Once you are done just click on the Add button at the bottom right of your screen.

Pro tip - Note that the custom caps will be applied on top of any existing caps you may have at the offer level. In other words, imagine you have an offer global conversion caps of 10,000 and you are adding a custom daily cap of 100 for you affiliate. The system will apply the 100 on a daily basis for your affiliate and it will also stop traffic once the offer reaches 10,000 conversions. 

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