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Managing Offer Visibility

You have the ability to control offer visibility and permissions for affiliates. 

How to control visibility at the OFFER level


When adding or editing an offer, under the TRACKING & CONTROLS tab, there are three options for visibility:

Private = none of your partners/affiliates have offer visibility, unless specifically assigned by you

Public = all partners/affiliates have offer visibility

Require Approval = partners/affiliates can see basic offer information but need to obtain approval to run it

How to control visibility at the PARTNER/AFFILIATE level

(PARTNERS > MANAGE > Select the Affiliate > VISIBILITY)

When adding or editing a partner, under the VISIBILITY tab, you will find an overview of the specific affiliate's offer permissions. 

Under the control menu for each offer there is the option to "Approve" or "Block". 

Selecting "Approve" means that an offer which previously could not be run by the affiliate is now visible and approved. 

Selecting "Block" means that an offer that previously could be run by the affiliate is now hidden and prohibited. 

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