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Why is the Affiliate/publisher/partner tracking link is not redirecting to the advertiser URL?

On this page we will go through a few simple issues that could cause the tracking link to not redirect to the advertiser URL.

1. Check the targeting.

  • If you are trying to test the tracking link from a device that is not within the targeting criteria, this could cause the offer to go to either a dead page or to a fail traffic offer. 
  • There could also be targeting on the advertisers side as well, so just because it is completely open on the EverFlow platform, doesn't mean the advertiser doesn't have targeting as well on their end. 
  • Also, sometimes when the offer is going to the app store in the case of an app download, it will not open if it is not clicked from the appropriate device. 

2. Check the advertiser's tracking link. 

  • Sometimes the advertiser could have sent you the wrong link altogether and this would cause the affiliate/publisher/partner link to not redirect correctly. 
  • You can test this by just copying their link and either pasting it into a browser or checking it with your phone. If it doesn't redirect to the offer page then you know its the advertiser's link, not the affiliate/partner/publisher's link. 

3. Check the publisher's tracking link. 

  • Make sure the tracking link you gave them to test is in fact the same link that you were generating for them on their account or the offer page, to learn how to pull links, go here: Click here

4. Check to make sure they are approved to run the offer. 

  • Please make sure that the affiliate/publisher/partner is approved to run the offer as well. To find out how to approve them go to the Offers >> Manage >> [Click the offer] >> Go to the visibility settings box on the right side of the page. You can click "Edit" to add more affiliates to the offer. Just make sure the affiliate has visibility to the offer. 
  • You can also find out if they have visibility by going to the affiliates page too, click here to find out how to do that: Click here 

These four issues should solve almost all of the affiliate tracking link issues. Please reach out to the chat help if you need any more assistance. 

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