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Configuring the Affiliate Tracking Link

Tracking Link Structure

An affiliate tracking link in Everflow is composed of three keys elements: a domain, an encoded affiliate id and encoded offer id. If one of these elements is missing, Everflow won't be able to identify the origin of the click and will discard the request.

- The domain allows Everflow to identify your network, meaning that no other network will ever be using your domain. If your domain is configured to support SSL, you can either use http:// or https:// to traffic clicks to Everflow 

- The encoded affiliate id is an alphanumeric representation of the affiliate id

- The encoded offer id is an alphanumeric representation of the offer id

The tracking link generator can be found in many places:

- Under the Tracking Links tab of Offers > Manage > View Offer

- Affiliates > Manage > View Affiliate

- At the bottom of the dashboard

Adding Sub IDs and Source IDs

Extra Offer URLs

If the offer is configured with at least one extra URLs (see below), the tracking link generator will have a new drop down in which you can select which URL the user should be redirected to. You have three different options: 

- Base Destination URL: the main URL defined under the general tab of the offer

- Extra Destination URL(s): a selection of all additional URLs

- Rotate Destination URL: if selected, the system will randomly rotate the clicks between the main destination URL and all extra destination URLs

Tracking link with base destination URL: 


Tracking link with base specific extra URL (uid parameter): 


Tracking link with rotate URL option (rotate_uid parameter)


Offer Creative

If the offer is configured with at least one creative, the tracking link generator will have a new drop down called Creative. If selected (creative_id parameter), the system will be aware of which creative was associated to the tracking link and you will have access to all the analytics for the creative in your reports. 


Dynamic Parameters

Although Everflow is configured to support a variety of parameters, you might end up in a situation where you need to track more parameters or you want to allow the publisher to pass custom values all the way to the advertiser system. For instance, if you are using the following tracking link:


will allow you to use the {zipcode} as a macro in the offer destination URL. The same macro will also be available in the affiliate conversion and post conversion postback. 

Deep Links

If the offer is setup to support Deep Links (see Tracking & Controls of the offer), the affiliates have the ability to customize where the user will be redirected to. To activate this option, the affiliate needs to append the encoded URL ( via the url parameter.


Please note we will honour any valid macros that are part of the deep links. In the example above, the {transaction_id} macro would be replaced with the Everflow unique click id.

Tracking Parameters

 sub1 Affiliate Sub ID 1
 sub2 Affiliate Sub ID 2
 sub3 Affiliate Sub ID 3
 sub4 Affiliate Sub ID 4
 sub5 Affiliate Sub ID 5
 source_id Affiliate Source ID
 creative_type Type of the creative (i.e banner, video, ..)
 creative_id Creative ID in Everflow
 uid Extra URL ID in Everflow
 rotate_uid Option to rotate destination URL
 async (we only support async=json)
 Generate an asynchronous tracking call, the user won't be redirected and the transaction ID and redirect URL will be sent back in JSON format.
 User-agent associated to the click request (only if not empty)
 IP associated to the click request (only if not empty)
 user_id Publisher specific unique user ID associated with a user
 idfa Apple's Identifier for iOS 6+
 idfa_md5 MD5 value of the IDFA
 idfa_sha1 SHA1 value of the IDFA
 google_aid Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_md5 MD5 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_sha1 SHA1 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 android_id Unique ID for Android devices
 android_id_md5 MD5 value of the Android ID
 android_id_sha1 SHA1 value of the Android ID
 app_id App Identifier 
 url Deep link parameter
 __ign Specific to a test tracking link, indicates that no payout/revenue will be generated from that click

Test Tracking Link

A test tracking link allows you to validate that the clicks are correctly being redirected to the advertiser destination URL as all the offer filters will be ignored. You also have the ability to ignore subsequent revenue and payout if the advertiser decides to fire back a conversion postback from an originating test tracking link.   

will produce something like:


Common problems

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 Query parameters are not being tracked Make sure the first query parameter follows the character "?" and not "&"  

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