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Scheduled Actions

The following tutorial will highlight the features of scheduled actions. 

Step #1

To navigate to Scheduled Actions, simply select Network and then Scheduled Actions.

You are now at a page that lists the scheduled actions. Here are the last three:

Step #2

You can also add a scheduled action easily by simply selecting "Add Action".

Now you are at the page that allows you to choose which scheduled action you would like to create. 

There are six to choose from:

  • Deactivate offers
  • Deactivate offers for partners
  • Change caps for offers
  • Change caps for offers and partners
  • Change base payout/revenue for offers
  • Change base payout for offers and partners

Step #3

The next few steps are the various types of scheduled actions. There are three categories, each one allows you to schedule an action for the offer and for the partners as well. 

The screenshot below shows how to deactivate offers. 

To deactivate an offer, simply select and move it from the left column to the right column after setting an "Action Date/Time" and "Timezone".

You can add/cancel the action by clicking "Add" or "Cancel", or you can go back to the list of actions by clicking "Back" to the top left.

Step #4

This step shows how to deactivate offers for partners. The only difference between step 3 and step 4 is having the ability to choose affiliates in step 4. 

To deactivate offers for affiliates, simply set the Action Date/Time and Timezone, and then select the offers to be deactivated and the partners you would like to deactivate them from.

Click "Save" to set the action or "Cancel" to not.

Step #5

Step 5 shows how to change caps for offers. After setting the Action Date/Time and Timezone, select the offers you would like to cap and then select the cap below. You can choose from Conversion caps, Revenue caps, Payout caps, and Click caps.

Note: the only difference between change caps for offers and change caps for offers and partners is the affiliates column. 

After setting the Action Date/Time and Timezone, select an available offer (or multiple). Then, select which type of caps you would like and set the numerical value.

Step #6

Step 6 shows how to change base payout/revenue for offers. 

Set the Action Date/Time and Timezone, then select which offers you would like to schedule. You can override the Base Revenue, Base Payout, or both. Simply select which you would like to change, then fill in the new payout or revenue scheme. 

You can add this action by clicking "Add", cancel it by clicking "Cancel", or go back by clicking "Back".

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