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Scheduled Actions

The following tutorial will guide you through Scheduled Actions. 

Step 1

To access this option, please go to Network > Scheduled Actions.

As you continuously add Scheduled Actions, a running list will be available in this view. When a Scheduled Action has been scheduled for the future, but not yet executed, the status will read "Pending". If the action has already been completed, it will display as status "Processed." The toggle bar to the far right will allow you to edit/delete any Pending changes, and if the change has already been Processed, you will be able to see the details. 

Step 2

To add a new Scheduled Action, use the "Add Action" button in the top right of the Scheduled Actions view.

Now you are at the page that allows you to choose which scheduled action you would like to create. 

There are nine options to choose from:

  • Deactivate Offers
  • Deactivate Offers for partners
  • Activate Offers
  • Activate Offers for partners
  • Change caps for Offers
  • Change caps for Offers and partners
  • Change base payout/revenue for Offers
  • Change base payout for Offers and partners
  • Change caps for Offer Groups

Once you have selected the option best suited to your needs, be sure to fill in all the relevant details. 

  • Action Date/Time (the sliding bars underneath the calendar allow you to select a time, down to the minute)
  • Timezone
  • Selected Offers (those you wish to apply the desired action to)
  • Selected Affiliates (if you wish to apply actions to specific affiliates)
  • New Cap values (when applicable)
  • Override Base Revenue and/or Base Payout


Example 1: 

Activate Offers > Select Date and Time to activate (8/22/18 at 4:10 PM) > Select Timezone (GMT-07:00) > Select Offers to activate (20 & 14) > Save

Example 2:

Change caps for offer(s) and affiliate(s) > Select Date and Time for caps to update (8/22/18 at 4:10 PM) > Select Timezone (GMT-07:00) > Select Offers to update (8) > Select Affiliates that will receive an updated cap (3, 2, 11 & 4) > Select the new cap to be applied to all chosen offers and affiliates > Save

*Pro Tip* To retroactively change rates (or to update conversions), please use adjustments or a CSV upload

Partners will receive a notification of the time the scheduled action is made letting them know when the change is happening. Another notification will be sent when the change is in place.

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