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Manage Alerts Overview

The following guide shows how to set and manage alerts. 

Everflow Tracking platform has a robust alert management and delivery system.  Alerts are tailored to set thresholds that can be defined in the system and the alerts are delivered into specific accounts that are configured to receive them.

You can watch our video on Alerts and other time savers here. Read on for more details:

Step #1

To see a list of alerts, simply select Network and then Alerts.

Here is a list of alerts that have been set.

Step #2

To manage an alert, click on the name of one. Doing so will bring you to this page. It shows the specifics of the alert, such as Information, Linked Offers/Affiliates, and Subscriptions. To edit the information of the offer, click Edit next to Information. 

Step #3

Here is the information of the alert. This alert is set to trigger when one of the five selected offers has a CVR over 5% when 10,000 clicks are reached. It can only be triggered once every 24 hours. 

To get back to the list of alerts, click Alerts in the bar up top.

To save any changes made, click Save at the bottom right of the page above. The page below will appear, with a notice of the alert being successfully saved at the bottom.

Step #4

The next few steps will show how to add an alert. To start, click "Add Alert".

Step #5

Clicking "Add Alert" will take you to this page. You can select six options, each option can be triggered by offers or affiliates. There are five KPIs and one Traffic metric.

Pro tip - KPI means Key Performance Indicator. These alerts are definable metrics that can be triggered by the data such as CVR (conversion rate), EVR (event rate), CPC (cost per click), RPC (revenue per click), and Margin. When one of these passes a set threshold, an alert is created. The Mean Time to Install under Traffic is an alert that is triggered when the conversion time has hit a threshold. 

Step #6

This example shows a KPI alert for the conversion rate triggered by offers. The format of the alerts are largely the same except the Available column switches between offers and affiliates (depending if the alert is triggered by offers or affiliates) and the threshold differs depending on the type of alert that is set.

Follow these steps to set an alert:

  • Name the Alert
  • Set a Status for the alert
  • Select switches to turn the following on:
    • Receive email notifications
    • Include additional recipients
    • Include additional accounts
    • Apply to All Offers
  • Select offers to be included in the alert
  • Set Threshold
  • Set Lifespan

Now that all the information is included, click "Save" to create the alert.

Step #7

Here is the information of the new alert.

Step #8

Going back to the list of alerts will show that a new alert has been added.

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