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What are Adjustments ?

Adjustments are changes to affiliate and offer invoices/reporting for a specific time frame. They are completely unrelated to any specific transaction ID and are executed at the top-level. They will show up in the affiliate's UI as just a change to the numbers (nothing telling them exactly what was changed and by how much). When running reporting in the Network UI, they will show up the same way but adjusted rows will be highlighted in pink. 

How to make Adjustments ?

The following tutorial outlines the fundamentals of adjustments. 

Step 1

Go to Affiliates > Adjustments > click on "+ Add Adjustment" at the top right of the screen. 

Step 2

Select the timeframe, affiliate, and offer that you would like to adjust data for. 

*Pro Tip - By default any changes to the conversions will automatically adjust the payout and revenue according to what is set on the offer level. If you would like to edit payout and revenue independently from the conversion count please click "Auto-Adjustment Payout Revenue" so it becomes red instead of green before you click "edit" on the line item you wish to edit. *

If you want to update the revenue and payout of a small number of existing conversions, refer HERE. If you want to make changes to or update the status of existing conversions via CSV, refer HERE

How do Adjustments work with Events?

The Revenue shown is the sum of revenue from all conversions, including base conversions and events. No separate Event revenue column is displayed. When subtracting from the Revenue the amount will first be removed from the Base. If the amount being subtracted is larger than the revenue from the Base, revenue from the Event will be subtracted as well. 

Example #1:

-Revenue in Adjustment row: $300 ($100 from Base and $200 from Events)

-Revenue in Adjustment row UPDATED to $10

--Base Revenue will be $0

--Event Revenue will be $10

Example #2:

-Revenue in Adjustment row: $300 ($100 from Base and $200 from Events)

-Revenue in Adjustment row UPDATED to $220

--Base Revenue will be $20

--Event Revenue will be $200


How to Add Adjustments to Events Revenue/Payout ?

You can add an Event revenue/payout adjustment under Affiliates > Adjustments similar to adding a base conversion adjustments. You need to disable Auto-adjust Payout/Revenue to be able to manually set the revenue/payout.  

Video Explanation

Here is a video of the Adjustments process: 

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