v2.2.1 Release Notes (01/18/18) : Helpdesk

v2.2.1 Release Notes (01/18/18)

Features Added

  • Impression tracking and View-through attribution support.  This is a comprehensive feature set that enhances reporting to reflect conversion attribution based on impressions as well as clicks.  This feature is not enabled by default so please contact us if you would like to have it.   
  • New configuration to either block or redirect your duplicate traffic based on the fail traffic configuration
  • New Usage section under the Network menu, allowing you to get an annual overview of your activity inside Everflow. 
  • Affiliate sign up information is now editable via the UI.
  • Enhanced Flex Report to include IDs and HTTP referrer as selected columns
  • Countries and platforms are now part of the selectable columns under the Offers > Manage section
  • Automatically pull offers in your network from third party systems such as HasOffers, ClinkAd, AddictiveAds, Taptica and more. Contact us if you would like to have this feature enabled in your account. 


  • The dashboard summary cards now support billions as a metric unit

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