The following tutorial describes the details of the dimensional report.

Step #1

The first step is to navigate to the dimensional report. It is found under Analytics then Dimensional.

Dimensional reports have a different structure than other reports. There are tables and graphs that show different metrics. The Metrics are the measures that comprise the columns of each table. The Dimensions are the focus of each table in the flex report. The Charts show the relative performance of many key metrics.

Step #2

To create an accurate report, begin with setting a date range. We set it to encompass the last 60 days.

Pro tip - There are shortcuts for picking date ranges at the top. The shortcuts are Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Month to Date (MTD), Last Month, Year to Date (YTD).

Step #3

The third step is to select Metrics. The dimensional report allows you up to two metrics to measure in the report. In addition to clicks, we added CVR (conversion rate). These metrics are part of the columns in each table (like clicks). You can select up to two metrics. Dimensions are the subject that the metrics

Step #4

Dimensions are the subject of each table. They are the specific metric that is measured in each table (such as offer, affiliates, or advertisers). You can add up to five tables.

Step #5

The charts show performance of metrics over time. You can add as many as you like. After you have made desired changes, click Refresh