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Getting Started - Dashboard Overview

The following tutorial will give an overview of the dashboard.

The Dashboard

Here is a screenshot of the default dashboard.

The dashboard has key metrics at the top and performance graphs in the middle. 

Search Bar/ Top Right Icons

Starting from the top, we begin with the search bar and adjacent icons. The search bar allows you to search for anything from specific affiliates to transaction IDs. The first icon is for chat support. Simply fill in your name and email and you will be able to ask a question. The next icon shows the Account Manager information and links for support including the support email and helpdesk. The third icon is for the user's account, allowing them to navigate to a My Account page or log out.

Key Metrics

The figures at the top of the dashboard are the default key metrics. The large number is the measure for today. The numbers below it are from yesterday, current month, and last month.  


The middle of the dashboard features mostly graphs. The top one shows performance of revenue and can be changed to a variety of different metrics.

The graphs beneath performance show offers and affiliates. You can show the performance of different offers/affiliates by clicking on specific ones. The notifications panel shows the most recent notifications, and can be refreshed using the icon to the top right icon in the panel.

Tracking Link

The last section is a Tracking Link section. This allows you to generate a tracking link by filling in the information below. 

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