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How to customize your dashboard

The following tutorial will show you the steps needed to customize a dashboard.

The dashboard

Here is the entire dashboard. There are key metrics at the top, performance graphs in the middle, and a tracking link section at the bottom.

Key Metrics/Settings

The key metrics are the six boxes at the top that give performance indications. The large numbers are the data for today, the ones beneath it are for yesterday, the current month, and last month. 

The Settings tab allows you to change these key metrics. The selected Summary Cards are the ones that will be featured at the top of the dashboard. We have changed the specifications from the six featured above to six new Summary Cards.

Here are the new key metrics.

Performance Graph

The graphs are customizable as well. The Performance graph shows revenue by default, but can be changed to show the following: CPC, CVR, clicks, conversions, EPC, EVR, events, gross sales, margin, payout, RPC, and revenue. You can also change the comparative line from yesterday's performance to last week's. 

Offer/Affiliate Graphs

These graphs are also highly customizable. The offers graph shows the performance of various offers, while the affiliate graph does the same for affiliates. You can change which performance measures are being charted. Right now it is revenue, but can be changed to profit or clicks. You can see the performance of any offer or affiliate by finding it in the table of data beneath and clicking on it. You can also reorder the data by clicking on a column. There is also the option of adding an affiliate or offer featured at the top right of the panels.

Columns Feature

The columns feature allows you to reorganize the columns in the table of data. This means you can create a table of data any way you see fit. 

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