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Affiliates Postback Report

The following tutorial will cover the basics of generating an affiliate postback report.

Step #1

To create an affiliate postback report, go to Reporting then Affiliate Postback

Step #2

To create an accurate report, begin with setting a date range. We set it to encompass the last 36 days. Now, the report will include all information after January 1st.

Pro tip - There are shortcuts for picking date ranges at the top. The shortcuts are Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Month to Date (MTD), Last Month, Year to Date (YTD).

Step #3

The next step is to select Filters. Filters allow you to narrow the data featured in the report. Filters for affiliate postback reports are limited to Offer and Affiliate only.

The filters selected are the offers Bigmac Android, Candy Crush Saga Android, Cash of Clans Android, Free Late Android, and Game of War Android. Next, we move on to Settings.

Step #4

Settings allow you to change the timezone. Click Save when finished.

Step #5

As you can see, the filters are now listed beneath the date range, Filters, and Run Report button. Now that the Filters and Settings are in place, it is time to click Run Report.

Here is the final report. By default, affiliate postback reports are ordered by latest date. You can change the columns of the table by clicking Columns, or you can reorganize the data by any column simply by clicking on its header. 

Step #6

The final feature is the Export function. Located next to the Columns feature, once clicked it allows for either a CSV or JSON file. 

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