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Adding an Offer

The following tutorial outlines the basics of creating an offer.

Step #1

To navigate to the correct page, click Offer then Add. This is the General section.

Here, you can add in initial information about the offer such as name, status, advertiser, and category.

This section also features a base destination URL which you can add parameters like sub IDs to.

You can also add notes and set an expiration date for the offer.

Step #2

Step 2 involves setting revenue and payout. You can name the conversion and set revenue and payout types. You can also add additional events by clicking Add Event.

Step #3

The next section allows you to to configure how offers are tracked and controlled. The Tracking subsection shows the specific traffic domain, conversion method, and whether force SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) or deep links are on. You can also enable caps on offers if necessary,  control visibility, session definition and other things under Controls.

Step #4

The Attribution section allows you to switch these four options:

  • Manually Approve Conversions
  • Enable Click Session
  • Enable View Through
  • Allow Duplicate Conversions

Click next to get to the Targeting section

Step #5

The Targeting section allows you to focus on specific users by the following

  • Device Characteristics
  • Geolocation
  • Connection
  • IP Ranges
  • Traffic Filtering
  • Day Parting

Step #6

The next section is Fail Traffic, which allows you to enable fail traffic and set redirects.

Click Next to get to the last section.

Step #7

The last section is Files. It allows you to add thumbnails and creatives. Click Save to create the offer.

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