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Why is the affiliate postback not working?

This tutorial will explain the basic reasons why a postback doesn't work and how to fix them.

Mistake 1: not passing the unique click ID to the Everflow Platform in the tracking link.

How it works

In order for a conversion to post to an external platform there needs to be a unique click ID being sent from that external platform to Everflow.

For every click generated using an Everflow tracking link(example: http://everflow-demo.servtrk.com/21KL6/D42TR/) there needs to be a spot to pass the click ID generated on the Affiliate's third party platform. 


Make sure every tracking link you implement has a spot to pass the click ID macro.

Example of a GOOD tracking link:


Mistake 2: Not passing that click ID back to the affiliate's third party platform. 


Add a spot to the postback url to pass the data being collected in the tracking link.

Example of a GOOD Affiliate Postback:


As you can see the sub1 spot is collecting the click ID in the tracking link, then it is used to pass back the same click ID in the postback when a conversion is generated.

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