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Why is the advertiser postback not working?

The advertiser postback not working is a common error. Here is how to troubleshoot the issue. 

Step #1 

Understand how the advertiser postback works by clicking here:Click here

Where to find it: Click here

Step #2 

The most important part of the advertiser postback is the click ID. You need to make sure you have a spot in the tracking link to pass the advertiser the click ID and that they are passing you back the click ID when they are firing your postback URL. Here is an example of a tracking link and postback situation that work.

Base Destination URL link(placed on EverFlow on the offer): https://everflow.io/?click_id={transaction_id}&affiliate_id={affiliate_id}&device_id={device}&site_id={sub1}

Postback URL(placed on the advertisers platform): https://everflow-demo.servecvr.com/?nid=63&transaction_id=[click_id]

Here are the steps that it works:

1. User clicks the tracking link and is redirected, as they are redirected the ?click_id= spot in the tracking link is being populated by the {transaction_id}, which will generate a unique string of letters and numbers(click ID). 

2. This unique click ID is then sent to the advertisers platform and held there. 

3. Then a conversion is generated. Now the advertiser's platform fires the postback url and inserts the Click ID that we sent them before and sends it back to EverFlow in the &transaction_id= spot. 

4. The click ID is matched up and conversion is recorded on EverFlow.

*Pro-Tip* When the advertiser postback URL is generated on EverFlow it will look something like this: https://everflow-demo.servecvr.com/?nid=63&transaction_id=TRANSACTION_ID. You just need to tell the advertiser to replace the "TRANSACTION_ID" with the macro that corresponds with the tracking link. 

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