In this tutorial you will learn how to test affiliate/publisher postbacks. *Please click on images to enlarge them*

Step #1

Find affiliate/partners/publisher's tracking URL. 

Go to the Affiliates/partners/publishers >> Manage page and click on the affiliate you want to test the postback for. 

Step #2

On the bottom right side generate their tracking link using this box. Copy that link and save it for use in later steps. It should look something link this:

Step #3 

Click on Affiliates/Publishers/Partners >> Postbacks

Step #4

Click on the  button on the right side of the postback you want to test. If you haven't added a postback yet, go here: Click here

Step #5

Select "Test" from this menu:

Step #6

Paste the Affiliate/publisher/partner's tracking url into this box:

Step #7

Select the offer you would like to test this postback for. 

Step #8

Click continue and this will open another window with the tracking URL in it. 

Step #9

Go back to the original browser window. This page will now look something like this:

If you are satisfied, click Continue

Step #10

It will then take you to a page that looks like this:

Please then copy the Transaction ID(for use later if it doesn't show up in reporting). 

Then please run a report to see if the conversion posted in the Reporting >> Conversion tab. 

*Pro Tip*The Transaction ID you copied earlier should match the Transaction ID listed in the conversion report.

Step #11

If your conversion didn't post, please click here: Click here