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Step #1

Go to Network > Integrations and click on the Edit button in the Forensiq card under the Fraud Detection tab

Step #2

Enter your Organisation id and API Key then hit the Save button (bottom right)

Step #3

Now that the Forensiq is enabled, you can now enable the feature at the offer level. Under the Attribution tab, you will notice two new options: Click threshold and Conversion Threshold. These allow you to automatically reject clicks and conversions based on a minimum score sent back by the Forensiq API. For the clicks, you can decide to either block the click or send it to fail traffic. For conversions, you can set the status as pending or rejected.

Step #4

Once the offer is saved, you will be able to confirm the Forensiq integration is now available in the Attribution card

Step #5

If a conversion failed because it went below the Forensiq threshold, the details will be available when viewing the details of the conversions (under the Notes card)

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