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Passing data from publisher traffic source to advertiser

In this article, we will demonstrate how to pass data from the publisher to the advertiser. 

How it works

In order to pass data to the advertiser from the publisher it must first be collected from the affiliates tracking link and passed through our platform to the advertisers tracking link. 

Step 1

Once you determine what data you want to pass, you need to have the advertiser give you spots in their tracking link to place the data.


You would then replace the "XXXX" spots with the sub macros that the affiliate/partner/publisher is sending that data from their traffic source. 


Step 2

Then you would place that tracking link in the "Base Destination URL" box when setting up a new offer (Offers > Add) or editing an existing offer (Offers > Manage > Click the offer > Click "Edit" in the General tab). 

Step 3

You would then generate tracking links for the affiliate/partner/publisher for the offer and include placeholders for them to change on their side corresponding to each sub spot you are passing to the advertiser. (Affiliates/Partners/Publishers > Manage > Click on name > Go to the tracking link box on the right side at the bottom of the screen


Step 4

You will then need to explain to the affiliate/publisher/partner that they need to replace "INSERT_SITE_HERE", "INSERT_DEVICE_HERE", and "INSERT_CARRIER_HERE" with the macros on the traffic source that collect that data. 

*Pro tip* Sending them this data is SUPER useful for optimizing the campaign on the affiliate/publisher/partner site level. Most of the time you can just have the affiliate/publisher/partner send them the blind site data in the sub1 spot and that is enough. 

You can also populate universal data(everything except blind site ID) without getting it from the affiliate/partner/publisher, learn how here: Click here

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