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Passing data using Everflow macros to the advertiser

This tutorial will show you how to pass data from the Everflow platform to the advertiser without getting it from the traffic source. 

Step 1

Once you determine what data you want to pass, you need to have the advertiser give you spots in their tracking link to place the data.


Step 2

You then go to the add a new offer or you can edit an offer to start passing this data here: Offers > Manage > click on the offer > In the "General" tab, click "Edit". Paste the advertiser tracking link in the "Base Destination URL" box. 

Step 3

You would then replace the "XXXX" spots with the macros from the box below the "Base Destination URL" that correspond with what the advertiser needs.  It should look like this:

Step 4

Once you are finished click "Save" at the bottom.

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