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Adding Fail Traffic to Offers

In this tutorial I will show you how to add fail traffic to offers. 

How it works

Fail traffic is traffic that was sent to an offer that does not follow the offer's targeting rules. Example, France traffic sent to a USA offer. You still want to try to monetize that traffic somehow. You can send that user to a fail traffic offer. 

Step #1

You can add fail traffic offers and rules when you add an offer(Offers >> Add >> Go through the steps until you get to 6: FAIL TRAFFIC) or when you edit an offer(Offers >> Manage >> Click the offer >> click the "Edit" button in the "General" Tab >> 6: FAIL TRAFFIC)

Step #2

Click  to enable fail traffic. 

Step #3

This page will open up:

Step #4

Select the offer/offer group by clicking the "Select a value" drop down menu. 

*Pro tip* Make sure to select an offer that will catch traffic coming from wrong targeting. For example if the offer is a US offer, set an offer to accept traffic from all countries. If an offer is a T-mobile carrier targeting offer, select an offer that will allow all other carriers in the US. 

IMPORTANT: Affiliates/Partner/Publishers could have trouble getting their offers approved if the company they are running traffic with is based outside of the offer targeting country. This is because they will click the affiliate/partner/publisher's tracking link and get redirect to a different offer. 

Step #5

You can also add rules to this fail traffic offer. These rules with NEVER override your original base offer. 

Add Rules will be next to the offer name after you select it.

Step #6

You can change the Redirect Mechanism. This will allow you to change how multiple offers are shown.

Priority will simply show the offers by which one has the lowest priority number. 1 will be the first offer it will show, 2 will be the second etc.

Weight will show the offer a percentage of the total clicks based on its weight. 

Same weights, as you can see 3 offers, each will be shown 33% of the time. 

Different weights, as you can see 3 offers, Bigmac will be shown 67%(weight of 4) of the time while the other two are at 17%(weight of 1). 

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