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What is deep linking?

Basically deep linking is when you allow the affiliate to send the user directly to an offer page that isn't the destination url. A good example of this in use is for promotion of specific products within an ecommerce business. 

Step #1

The network must first allow the offer to be deep linked(you must verify with them first before doing this). 

Step #2

You then need to setup on the offer to allow deep linking by going to Offers > Manage > Click on the offer > edit > Tracking & Controls tab > click to turn "Support Deep Links" on.

Step #3

You will have the ability to customize where the user will be redirected to. To activate this option, you need to append the encoded URL ( via the url parameter.


This means you have to add: ?url= to your tracking URL manually and then after the "=" you need to use the URL encoder( to generate your encoded deep link and add it there(after the "="). 

Please note we will honour any valid macros that are part of the deep links. In the example above, the {transaction_id} macro would be replaced with the Everflow unique click id.

Tracking Parameters

 sub1 Affiliate Sub ID 1
 sub2 Affiliate Sub ID 2
 sub3 Affiliate Sub ID 3
 sub4 Affiliate Sub ID 4
 sub5 Affiliate Sub ID 5
 source_id Affiliate Source ID
 creative_name Name of the creative
 creative_type Type of the creative (i.e banner, video, ..)
 creative_id Creative ID in Everflow
 uid Extra URL ID in Everflow
 rotate_uid Option to rotate destination URL
 user_id Publisher specific unique user ID associated with a user
 idfa Apple's Identifier for iOS 6+
 idfa_md5 MD5 value of the IDFA
 idfa_sha1 SHA1 value of the IDFA
 google_aid Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_md5 MD5 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_sha1 SHA1 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 android_id Unique ID for Android devices
 android_id_md5 MD5 value of the Android ID
 android_id_sha1 SHA1 value of the Android ID
 app_id App Identifier 
 url Deep link parameter
 __ign Specific to a test tracking link, indicates that no payout/revenue will be generated from that click

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