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In-App & Desktop Deep Linking

Covered in this article:
1) In-App Deep Links
2) Desktop Deep Links

1) What is In-App Deep Links?

A Deep Link sends traffic to a specific section in an app, rather than just opening the app.  This deep link only happens when the User has already installed the app on their device, and then is sent back to the same app.  When the app is already installed, it will direct the user to the specific section indicated by the deep link.

How Deep Links Work:

Apps use a similar structure to websites, basically an internal URL that determines each section within the app.  The easiest way to understand this is just to test this out:

Twitter App Needs to be Installed for Deep Link to work.  Go to Safari and type in the URL: twitter://timeline

That address should Deep Link you to the Timeline section of Twitter, if you're logged into Twitter.

How to set up a Deep Link (visual instructions included under Desktop Deep Links):

  1. Offer > Edit > Tracking & Controls Tab > Make sure Support Deep Links is toggled to Green

  2. Once enabled, a tracking link can just add &url=[Deep Link address]

In the above example, your Everflow link would look like:

Deep Linking opens up the ability for retargeting campaigns to drive back users to specific app features, and eCommerce apps to sell specific products and deals.   

2) What is Desktop Deep Links?

Basically deep linking is when you allow the affiliate to send the user directly to an offer page that isn't the destination url. A good example of this in use is for promotion of specific products within an ecommerce business. 

Step #1

The network must first allow the offer to be deep linked(you must verify with them first before doing this). 

Step #2

You then need to setup on the offer to allow deep linking by going to Offers > Manage > Click on the offer > edit > Tracking & Controls tab > click to turn "Support Deep Links" on.

Step #3

You will have the ability to customize where the user will be redirected to. To activate this option, you need to append the encoded URL ( via the url parameter.


This means you have to add: ?url= to your tracking URL manually and then after the "=" you need to use the URL encoder( to generate your encoded deep link and add it there(after the "="). 

Please note we will honour any valid macros that are part of the deep links. In the example above, the {transaction_id} macro would be replaced with the Everflow unique click id.

Tracking Parameters

 sub1 Affiliate Sub ID 1
 sub2 Affiliate Sub ID 2
 sub3 Affiliate Sub ID 3
 sub4 Affiliate Sub ID 4
 sub5 Affiliate Sub ID 5
 source_id Affiliate Source ID
 creative_name Name of the creative
 creative_type Type of the creative (i.e banner, video, ..)
 creative_id Creative ID in Everflow
 uid Extra URL ID in Everflow
 rotate_uid Option to rotate destination URL
 user_id Publisher specific unique user ID associated with a user
 idfa Apple's Identifier for iOS 6+
 idfa_md5 MD5 value of the IDFA
 idfa_sha1 SHA1 value of the IDFA
 google_aid Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_md5 MD5 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 google_aid_sha1 SHA1 value of the Google Advertiser ID
 android_id Unique ID for Android devices
 android_id_md5 MD5 value of the Android ID
 android_id_sha1 SHA1 value of the Android ID
 app_id App Identifier 
 url Deep link parameter
 __ign Specific to a test tracking link, indicates that no payout/revenue will be generated from that click

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