The following tutorial shows how to create an advertiser postback.(Please click on the images to enlarge them)

Step #1

The first step is navigating to the advertiser postback. First, select Advertiser then Manage.

Step #2

Then click on an advertiser. This will take you to this page with the postback information under Global Postback.

Step #3

Then you want to click the copy button to copy this postback to your clipboard:

Step #4

Now you want to give that postback to your advertiser. 


You need to have them replace the "TRANSACTION_ID" with the macro that corresponds with the click ID you will be passing them in the tracking link for the offer. 


Tracking Link for the offer:{transaction_id}&device_id={idfa}&pub_id={publisher_id}

As you can see in the tracking link you are passing the click id, in the "click_id" spot in their tracking link. 

When you give them the postback you need to tell them to replace the "TRANSACTION_ID" in the postback with their "click_id" macro. 

Something like this(not exact):


Becomes this on their platform:[click_id]