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Advertiser Postbacks - Setup Guide

You can see our Webinar covering Advertiser Postback setups here, and read below for a walkthrough guide covering one of the methods for grabbing your advertiser-facing postbacks.  

Step #1

First, select Advertiser then Manage.

Step #2

Click on any advertiser. This will take you to this page with the postback information under Global Postback.

Step #3A

Then you want to click the copy button to copy this postback to your clipboard:

Step #3B (Optional)

If you plan on inputting the purchase amount in order to set your offers to RPS/CPS you will need to add the parameter &amount= to the Advertiser Postback. You can see this value in all reports under Gross Sales metric. 

Example:[Replace with your Click ID]&amount=[Macro for purchase amount}

Step #4

Now you want to give that postback to your advertiser. 


You need your advertiser's to replace the "TRANSACTION_ID" at the end of this URL, with their platform's macro that is setup to receive Transaction IDs.

Typically a good way to handle this is just put &transaction_id=[Replace with your Click ID], so they remember to replace it on their side.

Example:[Replace with your Click ID]

If you would like information on advertiser global pixels please click here:

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