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Extra Destination URLs/Offer URLs

Extra destination URLs are basically additional tracking links for a single offer, allowing you to promote a campaign which leads users to different landing pages without using multiple offers/offer IDs. Often, this function is used to promote different creative assets within the same Offer ID.

Step #1

Select the offer for which you would like to configure multiple landing pages. 

OFFER > MANAGE > Select the Offer > Offer URLs > Add.

Step #2

Once you have clicked Add on the right-hand side of the Offer URLs card, you can configure your link. 

Simply fill in the name, select a status, and enter the additional Destination URL. Click Add when finished.

**Be sure to use a SubID or other special parameter to differentiate and track activity to multiple landing pages.

Step #3

Access the original tracking link and any additional tracking links you add for your partners in the TRACKING LINKS tab. To learn how to pull partner tracking links: Click here

**Please note that it is also possible to create a Smart Link to randomly rotate multiple destination URLs. For more information about Smart Links, click here.

Reporting for Extra Destination URLs can be seen in the Flex Report under Analytics by selecting the column Offer URL. 

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