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Creating offer groups and campaigns

Offer Groups

An offer group is just a group of offers that share the same capping. This capping can be set on the conversion, revenue, payout, and click. To add in an offer group please go to Offers > Offer Group > Add Offer Group


*IMPORTANT* Affiliates cannot view campaigns in their dashboard. You must pull their links and send to them separately.

A Campaign is a group of offers that use a smart link to rotate or waterfall them when the user clicks the link. The rotation can be set on weight, or priority which acts as a waterfall (1, 2, 3, 4, 5...etc). You can create a campaign by going to Offers > Campaigns > + Add Campaign.

You also have the ability to copy an existing campaign by going to Offers > Campaign > Edit.

Here are some more details about how the campaign function works:

1. Using the weight or priority you can choose between an offer rotation or a waterfall. A waterfall means that offer 1 will be shown first, If the offer is capped or the user doesn't fit the targeting criteria, then they will be shown the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on and so forth. 

2. You can choose to add additional targeting on the offers in the campaign. The offer targeting will always override any targeting set here. 

3. You can also change the offer url here (landing page). This is added to the offer at the offer page in the "destination url" section. 

* Pro tip - Please note that all conversions generated for this campaign, through the campaign link, will show up under the appropriate offer in the affiliate UI and in your offer reporting section. If you wish to see how the actual campaign is performing please use the campaign reporting to view this.*

4. Affiliates cannot pull links to campaigns. Campaign links must be manually trafficked to an affiliate. To pull the affiliate's link for the campaign, please click on Offers > Campaigns > click the name of the campaign and then Tracking links. 

To view our short webinar on Offer Groups and Campaigns, please go here

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