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Affiliate Visibility

The following tutorial will outline the basics of understanding Affiliate Visibility.

Step #1

The first step is to navigate to the correct page; select Affiliates, then Manage. This will take you to a list of affiliates. Click on an affiliate to see supplemental information.

Step #2

Here is the supplemental information of the affiliate. To get to offer visibility, select the section next to General, which is Visibility.

Step #3

Here is the offer visibility. As you can see, the data is organized in a table ordered by ID. You can manipulate this table by selecting Columns to change the columns or Show All to change which offers are being shown. 

Offer Visibility has three options: Private, Public, and Require Approval. Public means that the offer information is open to the affiliate. Private means that the offer information is withheld from the affiliate. Require Approval means that approval is needed to share the information with the affiliate.

Step #4

To approve an affiliate for an offer you can do it from here. Please select the offer using the checkbox on the left side and then use the drop down at the top of that column to "Approve" them

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