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General Fraud Prevention and Detection


Require Offer Approval

Put sensitive offer’s visibility on the “Require Approval” setting, click here to see how to do that.

This will allow you to see exactly which affiliate/publisher/partner would like to run a specific offer. Click here to find out how. 

Manually Approve conversions

You can actually set the offer to not allow conversions to come through to the affiliate/publisher/partner until you have manually approved them. Click here to see how to do that. 

*IMPORTANT* If you wait to approve conversions manually for a long time, the affiliate/publisher/partner will see a lot of delay in when the conversions post, which could cause them to stop running traffic for the offer. 

Set targeting restrictions

Make sure to have very tight targeting restrictions to ensure that traffic isn’t coming from places you don’t want it to come from. You can set this on the offer when you create it or when you edit it. 

Make sure you state clearing in the “Description” part of the "General" tab in the offer setup or when you edit the offer what kinds of traffic you allow and don’t allow. Also, do constant spot checks and run reports to make sure the traffic coming through is what you want. 

You can also have them agree to “Explicit Terms & Conditions” before running the offer. You can find this below the Visibility control on the offer setup page. 


Referring URLs

You can run reports on referring urls which will show you exactly where the traffic is coming from. Use those referring urls to track if the traffic they agreed to when they accepted the “Explicit Terms & Conditions” when they applied to the offer is indeed what kind of traffic they are sending. 

Sub IDs

You can use subids when generating the tracking URL for different affiliates/publishers/partners in order to have them pass you back data about the campaign. This can be anything from blind site IDs to actual site names. You can use this to run reports on the data they are sending you. 

IP Addresses

You can look at the IP addresses of the conversions in order to determine where the conversions are coming from. If you see a lot of conversions coming from the same IP it would indicate that the conversions might be fraudulent. You can run that report here:

Spikes in KPIs

 If you notice a spike in any of the KPIs it might signal fraud traffic. You can actually set notifications to send to the dashboard or to your email if you want to stay on top of this. You can do that here:

Use the MTTI report

You can use the MTTI report to see the time in-between the click and install. If you see a large amount of installs coming in either super quickly or super late it could signal fraudulent traffic. Find out more here:

Create Systems

The best way to stay on top of fraud is to use systems. You should have systems in place of what to do when you setup an offer and when you start sending to an offer in order to cut down or eliminate fraud. 

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