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Generate Tracking Links Overview

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to generate an offer tracking link.

Step #1

The first step is to navigate to the list of offers. To do this, first click Offers, then Manage

Here is a list of offers. Select one to generate a specific tracking link.

Step #2

Here is the general information for this offer. To generate a tracking link, go to the next section which is labeled Tracking Links.

Step #3

After you click on Tracking Links, it is time to create one:

  • Select the Affiliate that you want to generate the tracking link for, 
  • [Optional] You can select a Traffic Source, which inserts set parameters - [Learn More]
  • [Optional] You can select Creative for tracking that specified creative ID
  • [Optional] You can complete the other parameters to tell the publisher where they should pass back important data on each click.
    • Example:[Affiliates Click ID&sub2=[Affiliate Placement ID]&sub3=[Website/App Name]

Step #4

After you have filled in the information, the tracking link will appear below. Click on the top right icon of the tracking link box to copy it to your clipboard.

Step #5

Send out the tracking link to your Affiliate.

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