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Generate Tracking Links Overview

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to generate an offer tracking link.

Step #1

After you click on Tracking Links, it is time to create one:

  • Select the Affiliate that you want to generate the tracking link for, 
  • [Optional] You can select a Traffic Source, which inserts set parameters - [Learn More]
  • [Optional] You can select Creative for tracking that specified creative ID
  • [Optional] You can complete the other parameters to tell the publisher where they should pass back important data on each click.
    • Example:[Affiliates Click ID&sub2=[Affiliate Placement ID]&sub3=[Website/App Name]

Step #2

After you have filled in the information, the tracking link will appear below. You will see three icons to the right of the tracking link:

You also have an option to General All Tracking Links which will allow you to export a CSV file of every Partner's unique tracking link. 

Step #3

Send out the tracking link to your Affiliate.

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