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How to use the Traffic Source function

The traffic source function allows for generating a string of parameters and macros within affiliate tracking links, or as place holders for affiliates to insert their own associated macros. 

Below, please see a detailed overview of how to set up Traffic Sources.

Step 1 

To navigate to this tool please go to Affiliates > Traffic Sources > Add Traffic Sources

Step 2  

The first part of this section will allow you to automatically add a postback url so that when you add a traffic source to the affiliate's tracking link it will automatically place a postback url in everflow for them. You can view this postback in the Affiliates > Postback section. 

Step 3 

The next section is for adding parameters and macros that will automatically be added to the affiliate's tracking link when pulling it. You add them in here (no need to put the & or = sign in at this point, our system will do it automatically).

Step 4 

This screenshot demonstrates how this functions when pulling the tracking link for the affiliate:


A. Select from this dropdown menu the traffic source


B. Now you can see the traffic source automatically appended to the tracking link. 

Step 5 

You can now add this to automatically be locked on an affiliate's account so that when they pull their own links in their affiliate login it will put these parameters and macros on their links. You can do this by going to Affiliates > Manage > Click on the affiliate's name > scroll down to "Traffic sources" and select the one you would like to add > click Save

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