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Offer Payout/Revenue

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to configure offer payout and revenue.

Step #1

The first step is to navigate to an offer. Select Offers then Manage. Click on an offer in which you would like to change its payout/revenue settings.

Step #2

Here is the information about the offer. The second step is to click Edit under the General section to get to offer payout and revenue.

Step #3

Now that you are able to edit information, you can click on Revenue & Payout section to configure either revenue or payout.

Step #4

Here is the information regarding revenue and payout. As you can see you can name the current scheme, choose the revenue and payout type, set the amounts, and even add additional events. 

Here are the different payout/revenue schemes:

RPA- Revenue per Action

RPA+RPS- Revenue per Action plus Revenue per Sale

RPS- Revenue per Sale

RPC- Revenue per Click

% of Revenue- Percentage of Revenue

CPA- Cost per Action

CPA+CPS- Cost per Action plus Cost per Sale

CPC- Cost per Click

CPS- Cost per Sale

Revenue Per Sale(two steps):

1.) When working on a dynamic revenue per sale. You can set this up by selecting "RPS" in the base revenue type drop down during the offer setup. You then will be prompted to select the percentage of revenue you want to record in Everflow. If you want to see the full amount of revenue from the sale you would put 100% if you only get paid a certain amount of that please select that here. 

Pro Tip

It's possible to set the RPS to be great than 100%. An example of how this is useful is if the amount being passed into Everflow is in GBP, but the currency of the offer needs to be in USD. You can set the RPS to 120% to calculate in the exchange rate. 

CPS - You can then select to pay affiliates out a "% of Revenue". Then choose the percentage. 


RPS % of revenue = 80%

CPS % of revenue = 80%

In this scenario, if the advertiser records a sale of $100, you would record $80 of that amount and then pay out the affiliate $64. 

2.) When you send the postback to the advertiser you need to have them replace AMOUNT with the dynamic amount per each sale. That will be recorded in the "RPS" spot. The postback for a RPS offer will look like this:

*IMPORTANT* You can also use &amount_cents= 

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